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2019 – What’s On


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Another school year is about to commence, so I thought it was time to update schools on what will be happening at the Queensland Maritime Museum in 2019. Finalized dates for our travelling exhibitions will be sent shortly. The Museum’s most popular artifact is the Diamantina, and restoration work continues on her. She is one of the only two River Class Frigates left in the world and Japanese surrenders were signed on her deck at the end of WW2. In addition, we have Jessica Watson’s Pink Lady, the Torres Strait pearl lugger Penguin and the steam tug Forceful, all fully accessible for the students. The Museum offers guided tours and we have curriculum friendly resource materials.

This year commencing in March, we intend to offer ‘Submerged’, an exhibition from the Australian National Maritime Museum that deals with shipwrecks. In June we will be showcasing our hundreds of model ships and ships in bottles, involving children hands on in making a model. Later in the year in September Australian Border Force will be staging Migration by Sea, the story of our waves of new citizens.

For more information on the Museum, please visit or email me, Jayne Keogh at or call on 0418 882 408.

The Museum welcomes visits by school groups, either independently or as part of a structured maritime history experience. Visits may be programmed as part of a day excursion, which includes studies of the City. Include a refreshments stop in the picnic area overlooking the Brisbane River during your visit.

Learning modules are available for both primary students and secondary students.

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Tours can be tailored to suit your students’ needs both in content and duration. It is suggested that 2 hours be allowed for a full visit to the Museum.

Tours may be managed by teachers or the museum can supply trained volunteer guides for the group. At least 48 hours prior notice is required to ensure availability of guides.

Parking for coaches is available in the Museum grounds, but must be pre-arranged.

Discounted entry fees and concessions exist for school tours. See Admission Tickets for details.

To book a school visit, phone 07 3844 5361 fax 07 3846 1945 or email:

Booking Forms

A School or Group Booking form is available which may be printed out, completed and forwarded to the Museum. Email the completed form to

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