Financial, sponsorship and in-kind support

The Queensland Maritime Museum appreciates the generous financial support we receive from individuals and organisations in the form of donations and sponsorship.  QMM is a registered charity and tax deductible gift recipient.

Financial gifts are welcomed and can be allocated to specific projects at the request of the donor and with the agreement of the Board of Directors. The Queensland Maritime Museum Foundation has been established with dedicated gift funds to quarantine financial donations for specific projects. The current gift funds are; Diamantina, Forceful and Library.

Many businesses have helped in the preservation of the Museum Collection by providing a variety of goods and services free of charge or at substantially reduced cost, from marine coatings and adhesives and a wide variety of other materials to shipyard services and transport.

If you would like to find out more information about how to make a donation to the museum or support opportunities at the museum, please phone 07 3844 5361, fax 07 3846 1945 or use our contact form.

The Board of Directors thanks all donors for their generous support of the objectives of the Museum.

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Please visit the Donate to Collection page for advice on donating objects to the Collection.

Queensland Maritime Museum has been preserving and sharing maritime history for more than 48 years.

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The Queensland Maritime Museum appreciates the generous financial support we receive from individuals and organisations in the form of donations and sponsorship.

Support the Museum and play a vital role in protecting, preserving and sharing Queensland’s maritime history for generations to come, by personally making a tax deductible donation.

Thank you for your generosity.

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