The Museum has an extensive collection of wooden sailing and motor boats that brought pleasure to enthusiasts, young and old, before the days of fiberglass and aluminum. Small craft restoration is carried out by members of the Wooden Boat Association of Queensland, in the former Pattern Store on the southern side of the Dry Dock.

Linton Hope Rater – ‘Miss Sandgate’

The Rators were first adopted by the Royal Queensland Yacht Club in 1910, followed by the Sandgate Yacht Club from 1914 until 1957. Miss Sandgate was built in 1929 by Ted Rice, of Sandgate, who sailed her until he died at the tiller, at the age of 71. Miss Sandgate is in original condition, and has been left as she was on her last race at the Vintage Yacht Regatta, QCYC, Sandgate in May, 1991.

Carvel Construction using Kauri planking on Silver Ash frames.
Length: 22’4″ (6.80m)
Beam: 6’3″ (1.90m)
Sail Area: 250 sq ft (23 sq m)

Queensland Training Dinghy – ‘Mer Jim’

The ‘Trainee’ class first raced in 1933. The boats were simple and cheap to build, being cross planked on their flat bottoms with sides cut and shaped from a single cedar plank. They were 12 ft (3.66m) long with a sail plan consisting of a mainsail of 95 sq ft (8.82 sq m) and a spinnaker of 75 sq ft (6.95 sq m).

Clubs were established from Cairns to Brisbane. In the 1960’s, the rules were changed to accommodate more modern construction and the class became known as the Thorpe dinghy.

Mer Jim was built by Roy Bliss in 1952.

Traditional 12 Foot Skiff – ‘Estrellita’

This boat was built by Don Piper of Wynnum. Batten seam construction using Bunya Pine planking over Ash ribs. Skiffs were round bilged with no  decks and were sailed by four men prior to 1951. They were then sailed by three men until 1962 when the two man crew became the fashion. Sail area was unrestricted and most of the designs were gaff rigged.

Estrellita was Australian Champion in 1951/52 to 1953/54 and runner-up in 1954/55 and 1955/56.
Length: 12 ft (3.66m)
Beam: 4’9″ (1.44m)
Sail Area: Main 140 sq ft; Jib 50 sq ft; Spinnaker 240 sq ft; Ringtail 100 sq ft

Traditional 12 Foot Skiff – ‘Hurricane’

Hurricane was designed by Colin Clark and built by Watts and Wright in 1937, using batten seam construction with Huon Pine planking. She was runner up in the Australian Championships held in Brisbane in 1939/40.
Length: 12’4″ (3.75m)
Beam: 5’3″ (1.6m)
Sail Area: Unrestricted.

Lake Boat – ‘Lliretoc’

A flat bottom punt, built around 1950 for use on the Hume Weir at Albury, NSW. This design is more suited to small bodies of water where only small waves will be encountered.

Its construction is batten-seamed planking on the bottom, with clinker sides. The installed Stuart-Turner single cylinder 3 HP motor is fully functional.
Length: 13’0″ (3.95m)
Beam: 4’10″(1.5m)