The Museum has an extensive collection of historical books, documents, charts and plans, including ships, yachts, pearling luggers and marine structures, tracing many aspects of the maritime heritage of Queensland. These resources have been invaluable to maritime historians, yacht restorers and model makers. Our Research Officer regularly assists members of the public with shipping enquiries. Our photographic collection consists of approximately 15,000 images of ships, crew and passengers and is a valuable resource for research.

Exhibits are popular research items also. Recovered relics, model boats and the huge engines of Diamantina are used by researchers and students to expand their knowledge.

On behalf of members of the public the Museum carries out research on all aspects of Queensland’s and Australia’s maritime history as well as on maritime matters generally. Upon the receipt of a research inquiry a fee is assessed depending on the time estimated for the necessary research and the inquirer is advised accordingly. Simple inquiries may be attended to within one or two weeks, but more detailed requests will take longer. Our research officer is available to assist members of the public in their research enquiries.

The inquiries received most frequently relate to shipwrecks in Queensland and Australian waters and the immigrant ships of the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries. Local maritime history also features to a significant extent in public inquiries.

Contact the Museum by phone 07 3844 5361, fax 07 3846 1945 or via our contact form to discuss your enquiry.