The Queensland Maritime Museum is a self-funded voluntary organisation, registered with the Australian Government under the Cultural Gifts Program and with the Australian Tax Office as a Tax Deductible Gift Recipient. The support of our Corporate and private sponsors and supporters plays a vital role in the continuing development and maintenance of the Museum, its collections and its displays.

Those who support the Museum through sponsorship can be included in our Sponsors register.

If you would like to find out more information about how to become a sponsor of the museum, or about sponsorship opportunities at the museum, contact us by phoning the Museum on 07 3844 5361, facsimile 07 3846 1924 or via our contact form.

The Association acknowledges with gratitude the following sponsorships received in support of projects at the Museum:

  • Metro-Lift Cranes – Provision of crane services to the Museum.
  • Akzo Nobel Paints – Provision of paint for the preservation of Diamantina.
  • Queensland Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund – Funding of the cost of casting a new Main Circulating Pump for the tug Forceful and for the purchase of a laptop computer and data projector for meetings.
  • Port of Brisbane Corporation – Sponsorship of a major restoration of the 100 year old lugger Penguin and an exhibition on post-war migration to Queensland.
  • Shipping Australia Limited – November, 2007 fund raising assisted with the major restoration of a 1960 whaler from Diamantina and in improving public access to the tug Forceful.
  • Hetherington Kingsbury Shipping Agency – November, 2007 sponsorship of maintenance aboard the tug Forceful.
  • Defence Maritime Services – Sponsorship of freight of an original Diamantina whaler from Perth to Brisbane.
  • Brisbane Marine Pilots – Sponsorship of maintenance aboard the tug Forceful.
  • CHS Marine – Sponsorship of maintenance aboard the tug Forceful.
  • Torres Strait Pilots – Sponsorship aboard the tug Forceful.
  • Vacuum Extraction – Sponsorship of the removal of coal from the bunkers of the tug Forceful.
  • Boatcraft Pacific – Ongoing support of the repairs and maintenance of the Museum’s Wooden Boat collection.
  • Top Gun Trailers – Donation of a trailer for use in the transport of the Museum’s Wooden Boat collection.
  • Wooden Boat Association – Donation of materials and labour toward the restoration of a 1960 Flying Dutchman ‘Big Secret’.

Sponsorship and Philanthropic Opportunities

The Queensland Maritime Museum has a number of restoration projects which you may wish to sponsor. Please contact Emma Di Muzio (CEO) on 07 3844 5361 or use our contact form if you wish to assist with a project.

The Board of Directors thanks all donors for their generous support of the objectives of the Museum.