During her war commission, Diamantina carried 2 boats, a 25 foot (7.6m) motor cutter and a 27 foot (8.2m) whaler. These boats were not designated “life boats”, although they could be used as such, but rather “work boats” for when the ship was in port, ferrying men and supplies between the ship and shore. Carley Floats were the principal life saving device in the event of the ship sinking.There were a number of these located about the boat deck.

In the centre, between the boats, is the funnel from the boiler rooms and behind that is the air intake to the after boiler room. Further aft is the skylight which allows some air into the engine room.

A twin 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft mount was positioned on either side of the skylight. These guns fired an explosive shell at a rate of about 300 rounds per minute per barrel. It was a “close in” weapon which had an effective range of 1 500m to 2 000m.

At the after end of this deck is the second of Diamantina’s 4″ guns, with its associated gun shelter, ammunition hoist and ready lockers.