Monday 30th September 2019
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Wednesday 2nd October 2019
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Friday 4th October 2019
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“Ahoy! Young Sailors” Days is a fun program of hands-on nautical activities for the school holidays in October. The Program will be held on Monday 30th September, Wednesday 2nd October and Friday 4th October from 9.30am – 2.30pm.

The activities include 5 ‘Action Stations’ that relate to sailing and ships, based around HMAS Diamantina, the heritage listed WWII River Class Frigate.

This is a fully supervised and fun day, with something for everyone for age 7-14.
*free entry for guardian/parents attending

The young sailors move around the stations, learning the ropes from the old ‘sea dogs’. Activities at the various ‘Action Stations’ include:-
• Raising a sail on the Torres Strait pearling lugger ‘Penguin’
• Making a simulated ‘ship to shore’ transfer, from Diamantina, of a “patient” in a medical emergency
• Learning Morse code, radio communications and flag signaling.
• How to navigate, from the bridge, (without a GPS!) using charts, maps, and sextants instead – just like Captain Cook.
• The choreography of drilling – march in step, turn and about face to music
• Learn the history of Personal Flotation Devices [PFD /Life Jackets] and how to try and wear them.

For ‘littlies’ [age 5-6], we have a special program based around Treasure and Scavenger hunts and other age appropriate activities such as:-
• Row a Boat
• Throw a Lifeline
• Walk the Plank
• Underwater Scavenger Hunt
• Scrub and mop a deck
• Blocks and Cannons
*guardian/parent MUST attend [free entry]

BYO Picnic Lunch
Young Sailors’ Price : $20 pp

Ahoy! Young Sailors