The Queensland Maritime Museum is searching for a new mascot to lead the Freedom of the City Parade for the crew of the new HMAS Brisbane on April 6th. Traditionally the ship has enjoyed the company of a British Bulldog mascot. The second HMAS Brisbane marched with Buller ‘Churchill’ found by the Courier Mail in 1941, an effective morale booster in the dark years of WW2.

Like Churchill, the Museum is looking for a well-bred, trained and polite boy or girl to be attested as Ordinary Seaman (Canine) for the purely ceremonial duties with HMAS Brisbane whilst she is moored at Hamilton. He or she will be issued with their own uniform and cap. Historically dogs on ships were engaged in ‘pest control’ and ‘crew morale’ duties. One WW1 troop ship even carried a smuggled kangaroo to Egypt on their way to the Western Front!

The new HMAS Brisbane will be affectionately known as the Steel Cat, carrying on the tradition from HMAS Brisbane 2. This is derived from the steel guided missile destroyer’s badge which features a growling leopard’s head.

Auditions for the position will be held at the Queensland Maritime Museum at 10 am on Sunday 31st March. All British Bulldogs and their families are welcome.

Please email Jayne on or call 0418 882 408.

Will the Steel Cat Like its Bulldog?
Will the Steel Cat Like its Bulldog?