Wish List

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The Queensland Maritime Museum appreciates the offers of donation and sponsorship which it receives from individuals and from companies. Without these donations there would not be a collection and the collection could not be maintained.

There are times when specific items are desired, either to complete/compliment the collection or in the maintenance of the Museum and its collection. Sourcing of these items, by donation or at reduced, “mates rates” cost would be greatly appreciated by the Museum. Offers may be through your Company or through business connections you may have.

The Wish List

The Museum is seeking to raise $200 000 for the construction of a new display shed to house many of the historic boats in the Museum’s collection.

Please contact Matthew Rowe (CEO) on 07 3844 5361 or email ceo@maritimemuseum.com.au if you can assist with either of these projects.

The Museum is registered with the Australian Government under the Cultural Gifts Program and is a Deductible Gift Recipient. If you would like to find out more information about how you can assist in obtaining these items, please contact us by phoning or faxing the Museum on phone 07 3844 5361, facsimile 07 3846 1924 or by emailing info@maritimemuseum.com.au.

The Board of Directors thanks all supporters for their generous assistance for the Museum.