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Maritime Manifest

A quarterly electronic magazine containing interesting articles and stories with a maritime theme.

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For your Diary

August, 2019 to February, 2020
Antarctica Exhibition. Level 3 Exhibition Space.

September, 2019 to January, 2020
Immigration Exhibition. Level 2 Exhibition Space.

Thursday 24 October, 2019 1000
Talk – “Port to Port: Coastal Shipping in Australia”. (State Library of Queensland). Shipping Room.

Monday 4 November, 2019 1000
Talk – Ancestry.com. Shipping Room.

Friday 8 November, 2019 1000
Talk – “Shipping and immigration records”. Training room Level 1 State Library of Queensland.

Tuesday 26 November, 2019 1000
Talk – Queensland Heraldry Society. Shipping Room.

Friday 29 November, 2019 1730
Twilight Jazz. Old Workshop.

January, 2020 to February, 2020
Float Your Boat Exhibition. Level 2 Exhibition Space.

Monday 27 April, 2020 All Day
75th Anniversary of Commissioning of HMAS Diamantina.

Friday 15 May, 2020 All Day
Jessica Watson Day.

Saturday 15 August, 2020 to Tuesday 18 August, 2020
VP Day. 75th Anniversary of end of World War 2 in the Pacific Theatre.