Vacation Care Activities 2019

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What’s happening at the Maritime Museum in 2019



At Easter the theme is Shipwrecked to tie into our travelling exhibition. The plan is to build rafts or small rowing boats from provided materials (a la Survivor) to escape from an island, with the help of volunteers, but will it float?

July we jump back into the world of those devils, the Pirates, with dressups, walk the plank, row a boat, haul out a cannon, make pirate food and make a model pirate ship to take home.

September sees Ahoy! Young Sailors, when groups turn into the crew of Diamantina. Ship to shore transfers, operate a radio, raise a sail, sing a sea shanty, work a compass or sextant, so many tasks for a young sailor to practice.

The Christmas holiday activities will link to our exhibition Migration by Sea, the story of our waves of new citizens. We intend to help children make their own Family Tree to take home.

The Museum’s most popular artifact is HMAS Diamantina, one of the only two River Class Frigates left in the world. Japanese surrenders were signed on her deck at the end of WW2. In addition, we have Jessica Watson’s Pink Lady, the Torres Strait pearl lugger Penguin and the steam tug Forceful, all fully accessible for the students. The Museum offers guided tours for vacation and after school care groups.

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