Visions of The Sea

Until December 2020

Through the generosity of Queensland Maritime Museum’s donors, our art collection has steadily grown for nearly 40 years. Visions of the Sea (art exhibition) highlights some of the most locally iconic and significant art works donated by QMM’s members and the general public to date. These oils, acrylics, pastels, and sketches have been brought together by QMM’s curator in a tribute to all boats and ships at sea. Paintings depicting ships at war, recreational boating, and the shoreline of recognisable locations in Brisbane, make this an unmissable exhibition for local Brisbane residents as well as visitors to our city. Ranging from large canvas oil paintings, such as Denis Hardy’s Crashing Waves, to the more delicate water colours of locations along the Brisbane river, Vision of the Sea will delight the art lover in everyone.

Don Braben, an artist and foundation member, vice-president, and Fellow of the Australian Society of Marine Artists has a number of his own art works, that he has kindly donated to QMM, in this exhibition. QMM is very fortunate to have Don as Curator.